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Nekoninjamelon and Sparklemelon
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The Characters of Pineamelon World



Pronounced "pine-ah-melon" ... These strange fruits are a cross between a pineapple and a watermelon.


Watermelons also make an appearance in the comic, and some are stranger than others...


How could this world be complete without pineapples? At least one of them has a deep loathing of a certain watermelon, and for good reason!


Strange tan-colored... blobs... they come in many varieties, some with distinct mathematical or chemical properties... but all of them love to eat whatever they come across... usually an innocent pineamelon!

Specific Characters


Part pineamelon, part cat, all ninja!


This watermelon doesn't have much to say, but sparkles like no other.


A trigonometry-themed watermelon who loathes a certain pineapple, and we're not sure why... also a master of blob summoning.

Pi Na Melon

A pineamelon who wields the very power of Pi itself.


A gray pineamelon who likes dark places and hates sparkles.

Sine Melon-Blob of Doom

A strange cross between a blob and a pineamelon, it leads the math blob army in the war against the chemblobs.

Lord Kelvin

A special Kelblob that leads the chemblob army in the war against the math blobs... Launch the elements!

Pineamelon World © 2003-2007 Bethany Jokinen, Ken To Aoi Tora Studios